Flour IFB 102 – 400gm




XAVIA Glyso |Flour(Atta) IFB 102| Indian Flat Bread|   Low Glycemic Ingredients| Air Roasted| Diabetes Friendly |Fenugreek Seed |  Oregano powder

Q: Why are Glyso Xavia products diabetes-friendly?

Ans.: Glyso Xavia products contains low-glycemic index ingredients that cause blood sugar to rise relatively slowly to its GI value. Further, these products are infused with herbs and spices, which have the power to lower blood sugar and assist in the management of common diabetic, among other various benefits.

Infused with Fenugreek Seed: Several studies have found that among its numerous health benefits, cinnamon may help control common diabetic complications and lower blood sugar.

Infused with Oregano powder: Oregano. This herb regulates high blood sugar in two ways. By suppressing appetites for sweets, it lowers blood sugar levels and stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin. Some of the components in oregano help to mobilize glucose within the cells.

Key Ingredients:

Barley, Green gram , Red lentil, Almond, Soyabean, , Oregano and Fenugreek Powder

Overview of benefits:


Barley: [GI : Low] Barley has the potential to lower insulin and blood sugar levels, hence lowering the risk of diabetes. The soluble fiber beta-glucan, which binds to sugar in your digestive tract to slow down its absorption, is one of the many fibers found in whole-grain barley.


Green gram:Since green grams are among the healthiest pulses available, they are beneficial for diabetes. This is a great option for those who have diabetes because of its high protein content. Green grams have a glycemic index of 38, which is below the 50 mark, making them a good food for diabetics. Because green grams are high in antioxidants, they are excellent for preventing and treating chronic illnesses like diabetes. This pulse, which is high in potassium and iron, significantly enhances heart health. It is also one of the pulses that helps with digestion and is high in fiber and easy to digest.


Red lentil: Because masoor daal has a low glycemic index, it may be beneficial for diabetes. Blood glucose levels grow gradually as it slowly breaks down and is absorbed in the blood. Additionally, it has antioxidants called flavonoids that help control blood sugar levels and shield pancreatic cells from harm.


Almond: Because almonds are high in magnesium and may lessen insulin spikes, they may be advantageous if you have diabetes. Despite their small size, almonds are incredibly nutritious. They are a great source of manganese and vitamin E, among other vitamins and minerals.

Soybean flour:For diabetics, soybeans are incredibly useful and ought to be included in their diet. According to a University of Massachusetts Amherst study, soybeans are a high source of isoflavones, which are beneficial substances. These substances are in charge of reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


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