Flour IFB 101 – 400gm




XAVIA Glyso |Flour(Atta) IFB 101| Indian Flat Bread|   Low Glycemic Ingredients| Air Roasted| Diabetes Friendly |Fenugreek Seed

Q: Why are Glyso Xavia products diabetes-friendly?
Ans.: Glyso Xavia products contains low-glycemic index ingredients that cause blood sugar to rise relatively slowly to its GI value. Further, these products are infused with herbs and spices, which have the power to lower blood sugar and assist in the management of common diabetic, among other various benefits.

Infused with Fenugreek Seed: Several studies have found that among its numerous health benefits, cinnamon may help control common diabetic complications and lower blood sugar.

Infused with Oregano powder: Oregano. This herb regulates high blood sugar in two ways. By suppressing appetites for sweets, it lowers blood sugar levels and stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin. Some of the components in oregano help to mobilize glucose within the cells.

Key Ingredients:

Barley, Bengal gram, Finger Millet (Ragi), Coconut Flour, Black gram flour, Oregano powder and Fenugreek powder


Overview benefits:


Barley: [GI : Low] Barley has the potential to lower insulin and blood sugar levels, hence lowering the risk of diabetes. The soluble fiber beta-glucan, which binds to sugar in your digestive tract to slow down its absorption, is one of the many fibers found in whole-grain barley.

Bengal gram: [GI : Low]  With a glycaemic index as low as 8, Bangal gram (chana daal) is a low-glycemic food that diabetics can enjoy. Its high protein content and folic acid content aid in the production of new cells, particularly red blood cells.


Finger Millet (Ragi):[GI:Medium]: The dietary fibre in ragi reduces cravings and slows down the rate of digestion, which in turn regulates blood sugar.

Coconut Flour: This can help prolong feelings of fullness and reduce blood sugar rises. By doing this, you can reduce blood sugar spikes and lengthen feelings of fullness.

Black gram flour:[GI:Low] The balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber included in black grams makes them an excellent option for people seeking consistent energy without running the danger of a blood sugar surge.


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