Classic Smooth 500g




XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter | Smooth | Air Roasted Peanut

XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter is a healthy dose of protein with essential fat, dietary fiber, and antioxidants especially required by fitness enthusiasts.

XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter is made with air-roasted peanuts that are carefully chosen. It has superior taste and superior quality. Each jar of our creamy peanut butter has a decadent, nutty flavor that fulfills your cravings. Taste the pure joy of our hand-selected, masterfully roasted peanuts.

XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter provides an excellent source of protein and fiber in addition to a multitude of vital vitamins and minerals.

XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter and bone health: Contains minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium important for bone health.

XAVIA Classic Peanut Butter and Blood Sugar control: Protein, fiber, and healthy fats contribute to stable blood sugar levels.

Orders are fulfilled by the fresh manufacturing process, and product is supplied from a new batch.

This Product is M2C only, Manufacturer to Consumer.

Motive of FROMO: Fresh Made On Order


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