About Provique Impex Private Limited

Health is always an important issue for human beings. We believe a healthy society is made by healthy people.  Every person required adequate nutrients in their diet. Nutrients are the substances in food that need to make energy, grow, develop and reproduce in the human body, these are essential for the building block of life and growth.

There are two main types of nutrients:

i) Macronutrients

ii) Micronutrients

Macronutrients are those nutrients that body needs in large amounts. These provide the body with energy (calories).

Micronutrients are the nutrients that the body needs in smaller amounts. Nutrients are an essential component that is required even before birth to the last breath of human life.

In the present time, life is very fast and busy, People do not have sufficient time to go and buy such nutritional food, staying healthy is always important. The world is going on digital day by day. Considering these facts we established a platform to get all types of nutritional food and nutrient-related products aiming to make it easier for you to buy tasty and nutritious foods. Beside it, we aim to educate about nutrients and make awareness about the balanced diet through various blogs and other means. We are keen to make available high quality standard nutritional foods including from different parts of the world.

Presently we have introduced dry fruits, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, species, cereals based products, tea, coffee, health products and many more.

We focus on the needs of the customer in terms of taste, quality, nutritional value, a wide range of choices, hygiene and we want to give excellent service to our users.

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